Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i am updating this at Doha International Airport. i got seat besides the window. that thing remind me about my 3rd bro. he always fight with 2nd bro to get that seat!(tp yg 2nd tuh die saje je nk berebut.bukan nk seat tuh pon. ok2 let us get straight here

im sad actually when i look outside the earoplane window, i am leaving Egypt.for god sake after 3 times trial!. the sandy and problematic country, atlast im leaving you behind. but i do love Egypt. play back memories when the frist time i know im going to Egypt, i will study hard and clean all the mess i had done. then one question pop up from my brain, 'why do you choose Egypt on the forst place?'. its hot, sandy. arabs, full of liars and not to mention dirty. but all of these things manage to reborn ariff haikal.

Ya Allah, thanks for choosing me to be here, at this full of barakah sandy land. thanks for evrything. hopefully i can be who am i.

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