Monday, July 12, 2010


i write this thing because i am part of it before. basically this is a monolog. here how it works. i will question my self and try to answer all the question that pop ups in my mind with honesty . then my sarcastic mind will do his job. my point is, if you were having couple right now. why don't you ask your self these question. and if you can answer the sarcastic mind. i think insyaAllah you on the right track

1. why do you need a pair?

my answer : i don't know actually, but i do think it's a normal process for a teenage to have a special girlfriend/boyfriend. and if we don't, we have lost the excitement as a teenage. we are young, in a good shape. so why don't give a try. by the way to have a partner that will asks you "have you eaten?", "hey don't play rugby, its dangerous!". its kinda fun to know that someone care about you

sarcastic mind : to think back, is that all the reason for a homosapien need a partner? to know that someone care about you other than our family? do you think she/ he still care about you after you hurt them?

2. is it fun couple?

my answer : indeed! you will get someone that can makes you laugh!. then you will have sushimate! that will eat with you. then i saw my friends are all happy with their love one!. so it does prove that its fun to have couple right?

sarcastic mind : is it a couple if they don't argue to one another? or is there no tears during couple time? insist sometimes couple argue about small things such movies genre or even sitting place at mamak stall!

3. Why do you like her?

my answer : because she's talkative, independent, tend to do something weird but clumsy is the right word.

sarcastic mind : why don't you find someone that can makes you think about Allah and you can picture Prophet Muhammad when you saw her/him?

4. can you leave her?him

my answer : i cant. she is my everything. but i do get over her right now.

sarcastic mind : so you want to tell me that before you meet her, you don't really exits?

5. do you think by doing this "couple" thingy can get you closer to HIM

my answer : it should be if we were married. but im not. and i think to have a partner that wants to be your everything wont help you at all.

sarcastic mind : find someone that cant like to be at the second place you mean? because you want to put Allah, Prophet Muhammad and Parent first. is that what you were telling me? do you thing that girl really exits?

6. do you want to find another one?

my answer : i will. and i am. but if i found one. i will keep it to my self. not the right time yet

sarcastic mind : does it gona lead you to zina hati? and the feeling will grow day by day until you cant hold it anymore. what you will you do that time?

in conclusion, find the right one, wait until the right time.may Allah help me.


karakoza said...

The answer to the sarcastic mind of the first question is not complete...

On a side note: hang da sampai Malaysia blum?

ariff haikal said...

thank bio!

aku ade ticket probs.tak jd blk.shud b 3rd july hari tuh flight

shatrah said...

semoga istiqamah haikal... kuat jgn lemah k.. insyaAllah ull find HER smeday..