Friday, July 2, 2010

i love Egypt

this is my 100th entry and propabbly will be my last post in Egypt for this year,
but i will still continue my writing about ahadith Qudsi while im in Malaysia.
in this post i will share with the readers, why i love Egypt so much especially Zagazig.

because, here is where all the amazing and miracle things could happen.
before i came here, i have probs my leg , i cant stand on my feet to perform salat for even one
rakaat, but alhamdulillah now the pain is still there but only 10%. i dont know how this thing
could happen.

then i do learned a lot from Egyptian.
dont you laugh at me because i do learn about love from the Egyptian.dont you see how they
laugh together after a real fight? thats what we call love my friend. then i amuse to see how
they love Prophet Muhammad, if you meet with Egyption there always gonna say sollualannabi meaning
praise Prophet Muhammad and his family. and last but not least how they love ALLAH, where on you will find
everytime your class will start with,'praise to your God because HE let you alive untill now' or 'subhanallah,
how details Allah's creation was'

actually, i dont mind to settle down here for a while, to teach my children-to-be insyaAllah how hard life can be,
to teach them how to be greatful with what they have.

owh..i love Egypt thats all i can say
trust me you wont find this in other places,

1. Your landlord come and feed you with ish bread(arab's bread) that she keep inbetween her arm pit. this happen 3 days after i landed here.

2. A guy holding tasbih while shoping at City Star(happen to be the biggest Shoping mall in Africa)

3. a grandpa holding his grandchild, but this little kid was so noughty and he slaped his own grandpa's shinny head 5-6 times.but the grandpa just smiling.(at book fair Cairo)

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afiqah said...

everything happens for a reason :)