Saturday, February 27, 2010

againts all the odd

Rasulullah saw. bersabda: “Islam bermula dalam keadaan asing. Dan ia akan kembali menjadi sesuatu yang asing. Maka beruntunglah orang-orang yang terasing itu.” (HR Muslim no. 145)

what this hadith trying to say is, Islam's empire one day will be just the same like where Islam come at the first time. how Islam start actually?as a new religion, new believing and mostly everything againts the custom at that that time people think Islam is a weird religion.everything in Islam is nonsense.after 25 years RasulAllah Muhamad bring Islam, people started to accept

dont you think the time that ' ia akan kembali asing' is right now?.people start to think back that Islam is an old religion and not suitable for this time being.we will give weird face if we see someone salat in the middle of garden .why?ist a sin?.then people will try to avoid from being friends with girls wearing jilbab.just because they though that she's lame or not trendy.not to mention there's some of us thing that if someone practising Islam is not civilise or should not live in this dare them to say such thing.Islam suitable throughout the time.

we as the youngster in Islam should do something.the atmosphere now againts Islam..we should stand in the middle of the crowd, againts all the odd to bring back the glory of the world what Islam is all about.tell them that Islam lead to the healthies live they all cant never imagine.dont be shy with Islam.if you wearing proud of it.atleast you use your money to buy some clothes.for someone who leave everything for salat.dont fell that you losing your time, actually your using your the wisely.for whom that using his/her young age to fight for glad because HE do promise some rewards for you'Maka beruntunglah orang-orang yang terasing itu'.just make sure, you know what are you doing,

for ISLAM,let us soar

*thanks to kak pah

Friday, February 26, 2010

the last respect

“Katakanlah: “Sesungguhnya kematian yang kamu lari daripadanya, Maka Sesungguhnya kematian itu akan menemui kamu, Kemudian kamu akan dikembalikan kepada (Allah), yang mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang nyata, lalu dia beritakan kepadamu apa yang telah kamu kerjakan.”
(Al-Jumu’ah: 8 )

people always try to run from death topics. why is this happening now days? dont you know dead people cant came back to the earth by any your eyes.HE may take ur life the next second you breath the earth's air.

it is not a problem bout ur death because when ur dead, nothing much you can do right?other than pray than you sadakah will be accepted by HIM and your knowledge that you have share with others being use by others for the sake of doing good things.but what if you lost people that you love the most?before this Allah already take prophet Muhammad from us. what if now our parent ..whether your mum or your dad.

what will you do?im sure you dont even think bout this right?.get the next flight to Malaysia?just get in blanket and cry?all we know is call them when we miss them or when we need extra pocket money. you better think it now because they can leave you by any appreciate every single second you have with them left.

there's a lot of thing you can do for them after their death. dont you realise your one of the asset they have and they are counting on you.your doa is one of the things that can be count but with one condition, and that is doa from soleh son or solehah daughter

ayah..mumy..insyaAllah i will lead the solat jenazah ang tahlil for both of you.the last respect from me and the others.i will try to be your soleh son n doa to you all the time.i will work on it from nw.bout those 2 bros you left behind.dont the eldest.i will try to keep them by my side.feed them as gud as you gave them before.thats my promise ayah mumy.all this is if your both...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The One and Only

without you.i wont know my creater
without you.i wont be delivered and heard the Azan
without you.i wont be facing the ka'abah everyday
without you.i wont know how to live my life

thanks for your love
thanks for your kind
thanks for your leadership
thanks for your life you left behind

your the one and only Muhammad ya RasulAllah

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hajj or getin married?

now days, the average age people getting married is higher than in the 80's or 90's.but some of us do get 'married' earlier than they thought so.but its different in egypt.people do get married at the age of 18 or 19.or else..if you found girls age 23.thats mean second hand.this is what an egyptian told my cousin.

what is marriage actually?
it just a social contract between a guy and a woman. this is the only legal bond approved by Allah for a man and a woman to have sexual intercouse

do you have to get married?
yes you are if u cant protect your self from doing zina.or else its a sunnah from RasulAllah Muhammad S.A.W and not compulsory for who can control their self

hajj is one of the five pillars in Islam.the 5th demonstrate the solidarity of a Muslim and our submission to Allah.but do we think about Hajj?eventho we have the will to go there?where we put this 5th pillar in our heart?its a must my fren at least once in our lifetime by every able-bodied.

think wise.choose the best for you.but for man.if you have the hajj title before married.lagi laku!(jokin)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

a pinch of inspiration

who are you? the gabenor?the doctor?the profesor?the toilet boy?the ish guy?the tokmiyah's girl? we are all part of the community. without each one of you, we cant build a country, we cant run the economy and we cant produce greater generation for the golden moment.

wake your matter who you are .gather our spirit, share our dreams and aim for the Allah's blessing!.you are a part of the ummah.the winning team.

dont you ask when is the winning time.dont you ask why is it we have to lose now, dont you ask when the game will over, dont you ask to smell of the glory but be proud you inspired the eternity glory, be proud you know the answer if Allah ask you what are you doing with your young energy and be proud you are one of the stairs to THERE.

but..please aim big.think wise.dont do stupid mistake.use everything you have.insyaAllah you build your own bridge to the heaven.the place you belong forever.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

i write this entry because im happy with my life here. i do love my sort of family man, so i really treasure my house and my housemate. eventho we from different family background but we can blend well together each other, cook together and having dinner as a family.

ROOM 301
Name : Zaid Nailul Morad
Origin : Pulau Pinang
School : SMS Syed Sheh Shahabudin
Details : He's a nice guy and some say he came from Bachok Kelantan.but who knows ryte?only him know him self better.he always try ko kecek klate with Farhan.i forget bout something, He took IT paper for SPM.

Name : Mohammad Nor Syafiq
Origin : Johor
School : SMS Johor
Details : He love Manchester United which is you can see by your self and if you heard man.u alarm every morning, its him!(selamat aku x pecahkan laptop ko).sambal die terbaik!niwey thanks for given us to play PES at ur laptop

ROOM 302
Name : Wan Aminuddin
Origin : Putrajaya
School : SMS Muar
Details : He's my roomate and also my cousin!(dun ask me bout the colour.its racist k!im recessive gene.dats al!).best ade cousin 1 kepale. but die x maen sport.he's the electrical and internet man!

ROOM 303
Name : Helmi
Origin : Kedah
School : MRSM Langkawi
Details : Strictly no details!urusan Seri Paduka Baginda!

Name : Amir Hamzah Ahmad
Origin : Perak
School : SMK Tasik Damai
Details : He's a nice guy come along with this gayish picture. The oldest among us and i believe the "most matured" in the house.always act like a brother(you can choose younger bother or elder brother).syok tease amir

ROOM 304
Name : Farhan Adzmi
Origin : Kelantan
School : MRSM Kuala Krai
Details : He looks like a harsh guy at first but who knows ah?he love cats! and he do take care bout his hair! and if there's bills for skype.i know he will pay for it seriusly

Name : Mohd Izattrahman
Origin : Kelantan
School : MRSM Transkrian
Details : Dilahirkan dengan kulit putis sawo matang, bersusuk tubuh seperti FAHRIN AHMAD dan dianugerahkan muka seperti mas azzam.tak de pok jat kat umah.x berseri rumah ni.lupe plak.die artis!drummer and guitaris

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

women is like a rib

Hadis Abu Hurairah r.a katanya:
Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda: Sesungguhnya wanita itu seperti tulang rusuk. Jika kamu cuba untuk meluruskannya, ia akan patah. Tetapi kalau kamu biarkan sahaja, maka kamu akan dapat menikmatinya dengan tetap dalam keadaan bengkok

what?ist true women is like a rib?then one that protect our internal organs in thoracic cavity?.yeah i think so.because 'Hawwa' was originate from Adam''s rib.maybe some will intepret from this hadith that women are born with bad future right?base on the shape of rib that curve which mean not straight.

for me this hadith told us, to love some one the way they are.who are you to change someone all sudden just because you dont like the way she is? if you realy love except everything she has.her past and her present.value everything bout her. dont cry after you lost her.seriously thats hurt.this is the part form the hadith "Jika kamu cuba untuk meluruskannya, ia akan patah"

secondly, this hadith trying to tell us to treat women well. dont be harsh on them.we are completing each other.treat them as you treat your mother and your sister.without them there wont be another generation of Islam.

(many of my frens dont understand when i post part of this hadith at facebook.maybe they think i create this thing.its a hadith la my frens.i also get shock when read hadith at internet then saw this kind of hadith.but its fun!macam jiwang kan hadith nie?)

Monday, February 15, 2010

you are insane

kalau kite tengok orang gile, diorang cakap sorang-sorang.fine kite paham kan die gile.then kadang-kadang diorang pon buat part time mintak sedekah or mintak rokok kat orang yang jalan sebelah diorang.kalau kite x bagi ape yang diorang mintak.nanti diorang jerit la "nie ape punye orang!gile ke?orang mintak sikit je pon".hahahaha.padahal die yang marah . cakap orang gile.tapi kite still boleyh terime sebab kita tau.orang gile ni tak paham ape yang diorang cakap.
*panjang pengenalan aku.padahal dapat 2 markah je

pernah terfikir tak?yang korang ni macam orang gile jugak time solat. buat pergerakkan-pergerakkan pelik, lepas tuh cakap merapu-rapu.marah saya pakai ayat ni?.cube jawab ape yang membezakan pergerakkan dan percakapan kite dengan orang gile tadi?.same.kite pon x tau ape kite buat.kite pon x tau ape yang kite cakap.just imagine ko buat bende nie paling kurang 5 kali sehari.ade sesetengah orang, dipakse solat.makne nye dipakse jadi orang gile.macam2.ade yang nak solat tapi x tau maksud.itu makna nya die nak jadi gila.

apa yang membezakan kita dengan orang gile ialah kita tahu mengapa kita bergerak sedemikian rupa dan kita tahu apa yang kita baca time solat.kalau hafal lagu, ade perkataan yang x paham struggle pergi bukak dictionary x pon ade yang terus search maksud kisah disebalik lagu tuh.then kenapa x search maksud yang korang cakap time solat?

Aku hadapkan wajahku kepada Allah yang menjadikan langit dan bumi, dengan keadaan suci lagi berserah diri; dan aku bukanlah dari golongan orang-orang musyrik. Sesungguhnya shalatku, ibadahku, hidupku, matiku hanya semata-mata bagi Allah
perasan tak?ni adalah sebahagian pengakuan kite time doa iftitah

Hanya kepada-Mu kami meyembah dan hanya kepada-Mu saja kami mohon pertolongan Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus Jalan
yang nie pulak doa korang time membaca surah al-fatihah

Maha suci Engkau ya Allah, ya Tuhan Kami, dengan memuji Engkau ya Allah, ampunilah aku
nie lah yang kite ucapkan setiap kali rukuk dan sujud.kite x seda pon kite meminta ampun dari Allah.kadang-kadang time nie la seronok nak cocok kawan2

Maha mendengar Allah akan pujian orang yang memuji-Nya. Ya Tuhan kami, untuk-Mu lah segala puji
yang nie pulak time i'tidal.sometimes ade orang x buat pon yang nie.kalau korang la jadi tuan.mesti korang bagi gaji lebih kat pekerja yang puji korang lebih kan?

Wahai Tuhanku, ampunilah aku, rahmatilah aku, cukupilah aku, angkatlah derajatku, ber rezekilah aku, tunjukilah aku, sehatkanlah aku, dan maafkanlah segala kesalahanku
tanpa difahami kita meminta kesihatan tubuh badan setiap hari dari Allah time duduk antara dua sujud.itulah nikmat yang selalu kit lupa untuk bersyukur

sedarkah anda yang kita memberi salam kepada semua nabi dan orang-orang yang soleh ketika tahiyat dan kita juga mengucapkan syahadah.

come on my frens.start ur searching engine to know more bout i attach some links for your first step

Sunday, February 14, 2010


"create your own customers not create your own product"

when u ask foreigner about Malaysia, maybe some of them dont know about us or even think Malaysia is not in the map.but try you ask Singapore?everyone know that small island country.why is this happen?its all about business

to be honest im envy with that small they manage to survive even they dont have so much resource like Malaysia. We have the petrol, we have food, we have everything.but why?why we cant be like them?realy successfull with their business.

it is because they create their own customers but we are not.they dont have the material but they took from others.make their country as many things there.people will shop for the product not the raw materials.

if you want to double your profit, create your customer and create your product just like what Apple doing by creating itunes.people allready bought the ipod.then they buy the songs form there.

how to create your customers?as simple as ask your customer what they want then increase your product maybe just by make an allience. Allience is good actually just like what Tun Dr. Mahathir have done with Islam Economics Allience.maybe we can practic all this thing when we own a businees one day.because 2/3 from the rezeki come from business.InsyaAllah

how important your writing is

dont know why i just like to write something.maybe its inherited from my dad.he's a part time writer. he wrote history books.but im different from him.i love to write something base on my opinion or from my point of view.

writing can tell us how matured thah guy is or what is runing inside his brain actually.sometimes from his appearence to society, he's strong, tough but he can also be sensitive in his writing.

for me, writing is to share with other your thought or idea about something and maybe its usefull for other.maybe you can change the world using your writing just like Karl Marx or just like Ibn Sina who realy give a massive contribution to medicine.

dont you think?why those guys not just record their speech and gave it to others?people who get things from hearing usually will forget what they have heard with in 72 hours if their's no repeatition.and that is why William Shakespeare wrote sonnet tell others how beautifull is his lover no mater its a guy or what.and its true.we still get the message till now ryte?

for my frens who using blog as their port to share their thought.Alhamdulillah.keep it up.i will read ur entry.insyaAllah.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Other World

have you been there? the place where just you and The Master of The Universe. for me..i never been there..eventho i hv tried so hard but duniawi always pull me back.

what i mean by the other world is the world where we should go if we "khusyuk" in our daily prayers. i heard so many stories from how to get "khusyuk" and how "khusyuk" felt it self. their's ulama isolated their self from civilisation and go having their prayers in a cave, their's khalifah didnot even notice people take away an arrow from his leg during does it fell to reach that level Ya so far from me the way please.

i love to salat at the open space because i can feel Allah's creation, the air and i can see the ground. Alhamdulillah then i have tried to close my eyes to go to the other world. maybe for me i think thats the bridge to go "there", but then some ulama said its makruh to close your eyes because their's hadith said we have to look at the sujud place. furthermore Rasulallah Muhammad also open his eyes during salat.

Hadis Abu Hurairah r.a katanya:
Pada suatu hari, Rasulullah s.a.w sembahyang mengimami kami. Setelah selesai sembahyang baginda bersabda: Wahai Si Polan! Mengapa kamu tidak mengelokkan sembahyangmu? Bukankah seseorang yang sembahyang itu akan memerhatikan bagaimana dia sembahyang kerana sesungguhnya dia sembahyang untuk dirinya sendiri. Demi Allah sesungguhnya aku dapat melihat ke belakangku sebagaimana aku melihat di hadapanku

i dont want to say anything.just if you think you doing the right way.go on.but if not.start to find tne truth. here i attach some links bout hukum close your eyes during salat


Thursday, February 11, 2010

where you put Al-Quran in your heart?

One day, The Day will show us that Allah never lie to show HIS greatness to show that HE is the Creater.The One and Only.

Are you ready for The Day?, the day that Allah will take all the Islam's knowledge from us.

Aku pernah mendengar Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: Allah s.w.t tidak mengambil ilmu Islam itu dengan cara mencabutnya dari manusia. Sebaliknya Allah s.w.t mengambilnya dengan mengambil para ulama sehingga tidak tertinggal walaupun seorang. Manusia melantik orang jahil menjadi pemimpin, menyebabkan apabila mereka ditanya mereka memberi fatwa tanpa berdasarkan kepada ilmu pengetahuan. Akhirnya mereka sesat dan menyesatkan orang lain pula

how can you sheild your self from Dajjal? there is no ulama at that time to guide you..what is left behide just Al-Quran.make it as ur soulmate, as ur fren, as your teacher, ur everything.try to start remembering The Holy Quran atleast some lines and know the meaning.start with that first.with that u wont loss eventho u in the middle of desert.better u start ur ta'aruf with Al-Quran now because we dont know when is The Day will come.n we should well prepared by that fight with everything we have for Islam

looking down the lane

almost 5 months im at egypt.leaving my family back at malaysia..and also leaving the old ariff haikal.

what people had ask me with in this 5 months

1st-haikal..ko dulu kat STAR budak BADAR ke?(my smart circle mates ask me this)
p/s: what the heck!aku kat STAR dulu cam satan je.hahaha.eventho bedmate aku Rusyaidy (Pengerusi BADAR) n Hop (Naib Pengerusi BADAR) tp aku?hahahaha.x yh cite la starian siblings know me well

2nd-you cant be so bad la..i wondering how bad you are b4 come here
p/s:seriusly u dun know da old ariff.hope u wont know him coz u will hate him and i hate him either.

but thanks Allah..i also duno how i can change dramaticly here.but i do luv my life now n i want to make up the time i have lost with YOU before.Subhanallah

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dari Karena Mata

how beautiful are those eyes ryte? perfect Allah's creation.if you think those girls up there wearing contect lens, you are wrong!its natural eyes a give from Allah to them.i wish i cud give my future kids to have those seizing eyes!any idea how can i get them?

Friday, February 5, 2010

aku bukanlah perwira

Bukanlah seorang perwira
Gagah menjunjung senjata
Namun hati rela berjuang
Walau dengan cara sendiri
Demi cinta ini

dis song show how Sudirman deliver his content.arent you think its better rather then you teach a 5 years old kid bout history and hoping he will be patriotic man on day?.

theirs so many ways for you to deliver your content or berdakwah.if you try to dakwah to some one who never salat then you go to him give salam probably he wont run, but if u give him a long introduction such as ayat2 panjang then pakai jubah puteh berserban.1 km lagi depa dah lari dah chek oi!

then if you try to write sumthing bout islam.gv the less u can.klu la panjang berjela.sape nk bace..just enough for the reader to think bout wat r you trying to deliver.nie pasal x tutup aurat p letak hadith sampai 3 or 4.y not just put da punishment they will get at the hell?

i wrote this entry just to let the pendakwah to change a litle bit da way they deliver Allah's order.find nu ways.all those old skul methods such as dakwah rumah ke rumah or ceramah agama just work for sumone who know the value of Islam, someone who already get hidayah from Allah, someone who realy-realy want to know the truth but not for all muslim espeacially youngster. they can get bored easily by hear to ur babbling during ceramah, they want some entertainment maybe from movie or songs.i know all this coz im part of them before..

Zagazig vs City Star

lagi 10 hari, genap 5 bulan kehidupan aku kat Zagazig. bt yang sedih nye baru semalam aku menjejakkan kaki ke City Star, among the biggest mall in Africa.bile menjejakkan kaki kat c2..terase laen..rase macam satu bende yang aku penah rase dulu..perasaan seronok die same macam aku menjejak kaki ke Mid Valley. kalau kat Malaysia dulu.every week aku pergi Mid n Gardens.seronok time tuh.semua bende ade.tengok wayang kat Garden, makan sushi kat Mid antare rutin aku la.

this is my observation bout 30 minutes standing alone at the boulevard to watch. i saw couples..i do smile alone that time..watching others happy with their mates just da same like me before.i miss those smile til ears then..i cant have it bcz she's not myne anymore furthermore with knowledge in my heart ryte wont allow me to do that.

then i saw how social egyptian and not to mention malaysian also, beze sgt ngan zagazig.zagazig mane bley laki pompuan kua mlm2.nk jmp pompuan pon payah.kat city star?hrm..mcm2 then thanks Allah. Alhamdulillah YOU put me here..away from those sins.

lastly i just smile n having monolog "haikal. how come ah? u just came to egypt for 4 months but da way you see something different from what you were before.".

Monday, February 1, 2010

thanks physiology

i love physiology.seriusly and today he toaught me something.
"i have to read every single thing and never take for granted wit small thing"
im goin to be a doctor one day insyaAllah.i have to see and analyse every each symptoms eventhere's 1000 of symptoms!thanks physiology.i will read more for my final exam furthermore i oredi fall in luv wit medic routine oso hv change a lot from sleep 7 hours per day to 4 hours n im happy holding anatomy books!dats da main point.but hv to workharder wit physio eventho i luv dis subs.

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.atleast there's no body for my mistake this time