Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

i write this entry because im happy with my life here. i do love my sort of family man, so i really treasure my house and my housemate. eventho we from different family background but we can blend well together each other, cook together and having dinner as a family.

ROOM 301
Name : Zaid Nailul Morad
Origin : Pulau Pinang
School : SMS Syed Sheh Shahabudin
Details : He's a nice guy and some say he came from Bachok Kelantan.but who knows ryte?only him know him self better.he always try ko kecek klate with Farhan.i forget bout something, He took IT paper for SPM.

Name : Mohammad Nor Syafiq
Origin : Johor
School : SMS Johor
Details : He love Manchester United which is you can see by your self and if you heard man.u alarm every morning, its him!(selamat aku x pecahkan laptop ko).sambal die terbaik!niwey thanks for given us to play PES at ur laptop

ROOM 302
Name : Wan Aminuddin
Origin : Putrajaya
School : SMS Muar
Details : He's my roomate and also my cousin!(dun ask me bout the colour.its racist k!im recessive gene.dats al!).best ade cousin 1 kepale. but die x maen sport.he's the electrical and internet man!

ROOM 303
Name : Helmi
Origin : Kedah
School : MRSM Langkawi
Details : Strictly no details!urusan Seri Paduka Baginda!

Name : Amir Hamzah Ahmad
Origin : Perak
School : SMK Tasik Damai
Details : He's a nice guy come along with this gayish picture. The oldest among us and i believe the "most matured" in the house.always act like a brother(you can choose younger bother or elder brother).syok tease amir

ROOM 304
Name : Farhan Adzmi
Origin : Kelantan
School : MRSM Kuala Krai
Details : He looks like a harsh guy at first but who knows ah?he love cats! and he do take care bout his hair! and if there's bills for skype.i know he will pay for it seriusly

Name : Mohd Izattrahman
Origin : Kelantan
School : MRSM Transkrian
Details : Dilahirkan dengan kulit putis sawo matang, bersusuk tubuh seperti FAHRIN AHMAD dan dianugerahkan muka seperti mas azzam.tak de pok jat kat umah.x berseri rumah ni.lupe plak.die artis!drummer and guitaris


thirtyonex said...

den nk tnyo skit nie..
nape pok jak bhse melayu..
ade konspirasi ke??

mohdizattrahman said...

nice one laaa..
tu la psl..
igt aku xreti ckp bi ka??
home sweet home..
i love u'all..

ariff haikal said...

syafiq-x de konspirasi.hanya bende yang terlintas time aku pk ahli bait aku

pok jat-hahaha.pok jat klu aku letak bi.nnt die ckp aku nk lawan tokey plak

urra901109 said...

Helmi 2 codename die jer..die agen IRIS kowt. xsure r.

ni gmbo die kalo korunk nk knal

afiqah said...

gory, kem slm kt wan ;D HAHA, jokinggggg!

ariff haikal said...

owhh..gatai tau anak romi kang