Sunday, February 14, 2010


"create your own customers not create your own product"

when u ask foreigner about Malaysia, maybe some of them dont know about us or even think Malaysia is not in the map.but try you ask Singapore?everyone know that small island country.why is this happen?its all about business

to be honest im envy with that small they manage to survive even they dont have so much resource like Malaysia. We have the petrol, we have food, we have everything.but why?why we cant be like them?realy successfull with their business.

it is because they create their own customers but we are not.they dont have the material but they took from others.make their country as many things there.people will shop for the product not the raw materials.

if you want to double your profit, create your customer and create your product just like what Apple doing by creating itunes.people allready bought the ipod.then they buy the songs form there.

how to create your customers?as simple as ask your customer what they want then increase your product maybe just by make an allience. Allience is good actually just like what Tun Dr. Mahathir have done with Islam Economics Allience.maybe we can practic all this thing when we own a businees one day.because 2/3 from the rezeki come from business.InsyaAllah

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