Saturday, February 20, 2010

a pinch of inspiration

who are you? the gabenor?the doctor?the profesor?the toilet boy?the ish guy?the tokmiyah's girl? we are all part of the community. without each one of you, we cant build a country, we cant run the economy and we cant produce greater generation for the golden moment.

wake your matter who you are .gather our spirit, share our dreams and aim for the Allah's blessing!.you are a part of the ummah.the winning team.

dont you ask when is the winning time.dont you ask why is it we have to lose now, dont you ask when the game will over, dont you ask to smell of the glory but be proud you inspired the eternity glory, be proud you know the answer if Allah ask you what are you doing with your young energy and be proud you are one of the stairs to THERE.

but..please aim big.think wise.dont do stupid mistake.use everything you have.insyaAllah you build your own bridge to the heaven.the place you belong forever.