Friday, February 5, 2010

Zagazig vs City Star

lagi 10 hari, genap 5 bulan kehidupan aku kat Zagazig. bt yang sedih nye baru semalam aku menjejakkan kaki ke City Star, among the biggest mall in Africa.bile menjejakkan kaki kat c2..terase laen..rase macam satu bende yang aku penah rase dulu..perasaan seronok die same macam aku menjejak kaki ke Mid Valley. kalau kat Malaysia dulu.every week aku pergi Mid n Gardens.seronok time tuh.semua bende ade.tengok wayang kat Garden, makan sushi kat Mid antare rutin aku la.

this is my observation bout 30 minutes standing alone at the boulevard to watch. i saw couples..i do smile alone that time..watching others happy with their mates just da same like me before.i miss those smile til ears then..i cant have it bcz she's not myne anymore furthermore with knowledge in my heart ryte wont allow me to do that.

then i saw how social egyptian and not to mention malaysian also, beze sgt ngan zagazig.zagazig mane bley laki pompuan kua mlm2.nk jmp pompuan pon payah.kat city star?hrm..mcm2 then thanks Allah. Alhamdulillah YOU put me here..away from those sins.

lastly i just smile n having monolog "haikal. how come ah? u just came to egypt for 4 months but da way you see something different from what you were before.".

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