Thursday, February 11, 2010

looking down the lane

almost 5 months im at egypt.leaving my family back at malaysia..and also leaving the old ariff haikal.

what people had ask me with in this 5 months

1st-haikal..ko dulu kat STAR budak BADAR ke?(my smart circle mates ask me this)
p/s: what the heck!aku kat STAR dulu cam satan je.hahaha.eventho bedmate aku Rusyaidy (Pengerusi BADAR) n Hop (Naib Pengerusi BADAR) tp aku?hahahaha.x yh cite la starian siblings know me well

2nd-you cant be so bad la..i wondering how bad you are b4 come here
p/s:seriusly u dun know da old ariff.hope u wont know him coz u will hate him and i hate him either.

but thanks Allah..i also duno how i can change dramaticly here.but i do luv my life now n i want to make up the time i have lost with YOU before.Subhanallah

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