Sunday, February 14, 2010

how important your writing is

dont know why i just like to write something.maybe its inherited from my dad.he's a part time writer. he wrote history books.but im different from him.i love to write something base on my opinion or from my point of view.

writing can tell us how matured thah guy is or what is runing inside his brain actually.sometimes from his appearence to society, he's strong, tough but he can also be sensitive in his writing.

for me, writing is to share with other your thought or idea about something and maybe its usefull for other.maybe you can change the world using your writing just like Karl Marx or just like Ibn Sina who realy give a massive contribution to medicine.

dont you think?why those guys not just record their speech and gave it to others?people who get things from hearing usually will forget what they have heard with in 72 hours if their's no repeatition.and that is why William Shakespeare wrote sonnet tell others how beautifull is his lover no mater its a guy or what.and its true.we still get the message till now ryte?

for my frens who using blog as their port to share their thought.Alhamdulillah.keep it up.i will read ur entry.insyaAllah.

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