Wednesday, February 17, 2010

women is like a rib

Hadis Abu Hurairah r.a katanya:
Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda: Sesungguhnya wanita itu seperti tulang rusuk. Jika kamu cuba untuk meluruskannya, ia akan patah. Tetapi kalau kamu biarkan sahaja, maka kamu akan dapat menikmatinya dengan tetap dalam keadaan bengkok

what?ist true women is like a rib?then one that protect our internal organs in thoracic cavity?.yeah i think so.because 'Hawwa' was originate from Adam''s rib.maybe some will intepret from this hadith that women are born with bad future right?base on the shape of rib that curve which mean not straight.

for me this hadith told us, to love some one the way they are.who are you to change someone all sudden just because you dont like the way she is? if you realy love except everything she has.her past and her present.value everything bout her. dont cry after you lost her.seriously thats hurt.this is the part form the hadith "Jika kamu cuba untuk meluruskannya, ia akan patah"

secondly, this hadith trying to tell us to treat women well. dont be harsh on them.we are completing each other.treat them as you treat your mother and your sister.without them there wont be another generation of Islam.

(many of my frens dont understand when i post part of this hadith at facebook.maybe they think i create this thing.its a hadith la my frens.i also get shock when read hadith at internet then saw this kind of hadith.but its fun!macam jiwang kan hadith nie?)


Aishafarhana Radzi said...

ye..aku la yg one of your fren tak faham tuh..kih2...tak faham bley ak tak pk ko create..n aku tak kata pun ko kata kat aku...haha...(oh!ak bukan nk gocho)doe,bagos2!!...kadang2 kite memang perlukan ...i mean show something yg orang x nmpak lagi...ader je hadith2 yg nmpak jer ringan camni tapi sebenarnya membwa message yg berat..

ariff haikal said...

hahaha.bukan message yang berat.Islam x pernah berat untuk sesiapa.because hadith is part of Islam kn?.just care view kite tuh.mungkin aku kupas ikot view aku la.dats all

Aishafarhana Radzi said...

huhu..ye2..betulla tu..

nuraiman said...

nice post.
seems like u know it very well.
make it true bro,jgn ckp je nnt.hoho
keep it up!!!more and more post like this~

ariff haikal said...

nuraiman.dun give such a big nt from skola agame or wat.just its writen at HIS book for me to read this hadith.n to share with all of you.

shatrah said...

'dun give such a big hope. im nt from skola agame or wat'

hurm dunt say it like that,
'where u come from' cannot be made as an excuse. what matters is that yr a man of sunnah ok? u should trust yrself & the least u could do is to give it a try.
good luck haikal.

ariff haikal said...

thanks shatrah!