Friday, February 12, 2010

The Other World

have you been there? the place where just you and The Master of The Universe. for me..i never been there..eventho i hv tried so hard but duniawi always pull me back.

what i mean by the other world is the world where we should go if we "khusyuk" in our daily prayers. i heard so many stories from how to get "khusyuk" and how "khusyuk" felt it self. their's ulama isolated their self from civilisation and go having their prayers in a cave, their's khalifah didnot even notice people take away an arrow from his leg during does it fell to reach that level Ya so far from me the way please.

i love to salat at the open space because i can feel Allah's creation, the air and i can see the ground. Alhamdulillah then i have tried to close my eyes to go to the other world. maybe for me i think thats the bridge to go "there", but then some ulama said its makruh to close your eyes because their's hadith said we have to look at the sujud place. furthermore Rasulallah Muhammad also open his eyes during salat.

Hadis Abu Hurairah r.a katanya:
Pada suatu hari, Rasulullah s.a.w sembahyang mengimami kami. Setelah selesai sembahyang baginda bersabda: Wahai Si Polan! Mengapa kamu tidak mengelokkan sembahyangmu? Bukankah seseorang yang sembahyang itu akan memerhatikan bagaimana dia sembahyang kerana sesungguhnya dia sembahyang untuk dirinya sendiri. Demi Allah sesungguhnya aku dapat melihat ke belakangku sebagaimana aku melihat di hadapanku

i dont want to say anything.just if you think you doing the right way.go on.but if not.start to find tne truth. here i attach some links bout hukum close your eyes during salat


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