Saturday, July 17, 2010


it is a tradition. after 20 years you leave the school. your batch will come back to the alma mater and organise an old boy weekend. it should be 'durian runtuh' for the current student because they can have free dinner with artist usually. depends on how 'big' the members of the community raise the fund for this 3 days 2 night vacation. the main point is to give back something to your school. usually the old boys will have a talk with students about their occupation and student's ambition.
here are some reason why the old boys dying to come back to their beloved school and why the student treasure this weekend

student(when im a student actually)

1. every year during grand dinner, the old boys will invite artis to perform that night. huhu! the only chance to see beautiful women!

2. for sure makan free right? the grand dinner usually on saturday night

3. rugby match with STAROBA Orange (alumuni team)-in our head 'jom kalahkan bapak-bapak orang yang macam tong drum ni'

as an old boy

1. i miss my friends. its like mini reunion for us

2. come back to school then recall all the nakal moments

3. rugby match with STAR's Ruggers-'alah, anak ayam je budak-budak nie'*can you see the different mentality between the oldboys and student?*

4. the only time that you can be 'nakal' again with out your wife beside you.

i really want to join this year Old Boy's Weekend (OBW) but then Allah say it is better for me to stay here at Egypt. never mind. He know if i go back to Malaysia i will join the STAROBA Orange rugby team. haha. to my juniors, sabaq noe! aku sampai nanti kite main futsal dalam dorm. persetan prefect yang skema! haha. joking jaa..


iqbalsyarie said...

lantak kau la...hahaha..aku pun tak pegi sbb takde duit..huhu..sedih aku..tapi member ko,atep yg juga junior aku kat tmpat aku blaja pegi...jeles doh..
Artikel best:Semua kerana kawan baik!

ariff haikal said...

gile rugi la after result spm ko ade blk star kn? aku dah nk masok 3 tahun tak tengok sekolah aku.sedih maa..

atep same tempat ngan ko?haha.