Thursday, July 22, 2010

owh balik kampung!

Man. U jersey is fitri and the Chelsea one is apai

last year my parent went to China without their beloved sons! they dont mean it tho..they have booked ticket for us but last minute there was a wedding invitation from kampung. so we have to be their representative. so i want to share with all about ibnu mahdis's sons journey to Jitra, Kedah.

now i will introduce the main actors. first of all my second brother name Ariff Fitri but just call him Fitri. the second actros was Ariff Muzaffar, which is my third brother and we call him apai.last but not least, ME.

at first my mum asked, 'nak naek flight?'. me 'no thanks.dari form 1 naek bas. why dont i teach those 2 budak naek bas.'. so my dad bought us 3 tickets to Jitra. its a bachelor's trip. so no outside help such as 'mak teh! tolong hantar kat hentian duta?' or 'mak lang, tlg kami nk blk kampung.hantar smpi hentian duta?.'. we can stand on our own

so the day has come. after having Nasi Lemak Ayam, we took a metro bus to Pasar Seni or Central Market. from there we find another bus to Hentian Duta. alhamdulillah we manage to be on time. but sadly our bus delay. we have waiting for an hour then fitri start to loss his confident. to be honest he the most 'gelabah' person in our house and low confident level. so he asked me to go to the counter and ask about our bus. so i just go and ask but that guy said 'lambat ckit dik. bas ade problem'. fine..

after 30 minutes fitri become more gelabah, this time he afraid to ask me for the second time. so he use my third bro

fitri : apai..ko pergi tanye la bas kite nie.
apai : ko kan abang.ko la tanye
fitri: ko kan berani. kalo ko pergi aku beli ko chewing gums
apai : ko ikot belakang aku.aku pergi la

fine..they walked together. but when getting near the counter. fitri just stopped and apai didn't even realise, he asking the counter man alone. dah la apai lagi pendek dari counter table.

after 1 hour and 45 minutes of waiting, our bus have arrived with tag Jitra/Changlun. so i just go to the bus, but again fitri bring up one thing 'eh! nie bukan bas kite.kite pergi Jitra je.'.. i said 'hang tak mau naek tak pa.aku naek'. then apai added 'ntah fitri nie. ade tulis jitra.naek la'. at last he followed the two of us. after 5 hours on the bas. we arrive at Jitra.

our story doesnt ended there, this time on our way back to K.L

after salam all our relative, we have a save ride bcak to K.L. but the promblem now, how to get out from Hentian duta using public transport?. actually there are Rapid KL buses, but we all ready wait for an hour and no bus at all.hoho. so the three of us discuss something :

Me : ok.duit kite lebih RM 400. kalau tunggu bas.kene pergi Puduraya balik. tapi murah. so bley joli sorang RM 100.tapi kalo naek teksi.kurang la ckit kot

Fitri: eh haikal.aku cuak la naek bas.teksi jela sampai umah

Apai : kite tungu bas la haikal.aku nak makan KFC la duit tuh.

Me : kite tungu 15minutes. kalo tak de bas.naek teksi la.mlm nie aku call KFC smpi umah je

at last we take a taxi straight to our home sweet home. to be honest the most "kedekut" between 3 of us usually will be fitri. but at that time i am suprise apai the one yang kedekot.lapa sangat kot.haha.