Monday, June 21, 2010

my superman!

"happy father's day ayah! thanks for sending me here". i send to my dad yesterday then he just reply "tq". seriously i think he is cute.yala.. reply me with only 2 alphabets. but what else can i do? maybe someday i will be like him.(better he replied me like that rather than he repplied 'nie mesti nak pape nie')

this is my confession for you ayah,

1. you are the coolest person i ever meet!.

y? you never yelled at us eventhough sume anak lelaki kan? just kadang-kadang you have to. i know that. but that only happen during balik kampung. yela sape tak marah kalau kereta Pajero sebesar tidak tuh, bergoyang time tengah drive kat high way sebab anak-anak kesayangan die bergado dalam keta! for our own safety kan? haha.(time kecik2. nw dah tuka keta lain.n kami lagi senyap.sebab ade DVD player dalam keta!)

2. i like the way you train me.

you said to me before i entered STAR Ipoh 'haikal dah masuk sini, makne nye haikal dah boleh buat decision sendiri. ayah dah tak rotan anak-anak ayah above than standard 6.'(actually he never rotan or mad at me since im standard 4!).

3. you make me as your friend

thanks ayah for always respect my opinion, atleast i know you heard my voice. you also ask my opinion about some big decision. i still remember when you make your tesis for master, you ask me to read tons of historical books about Chin Peng, Sejarah Melayu, Tamadun Islam.Tamadun Eropah and Tamadun Indus, just to have a different point of view. a fresh view from 14 years old kid!

4. you are the most hord working guy!

thanks to your books, we the whole family can have a better life. actually my dad is part time writer. he wrote for Longman Publication on history books. all! from form 1 until for 6. including Sejarah Malaysia, Tamadun Asia Tenggara, Tamadun Eropah and what so ever. and im his part time type writer...

5. your smart and love books!

You are 47 years old now, and still studying! persue your study on Phd! i realy respect that. you can study, then you can write books. fuh.. its a lot of thing to do in one time. i duno how on earth you manage to do all that and still can be the best father for us! because of that.. i think insyaAllah after i graduate as a doctor, i will persue my study! i know you actually want one of you sons to be an imam, and you already asked fitri(my second bro) to do that for you because you can see since child i dont really into religious thingy. but im a different person now. so please choose one of this course for me

Bachelor of Islamic Sciences (Hons) In Fiqh & Usul Fiqh
Bachelor of Islamic Sciences (Hons) In Al-Hadith
Bachelor of Islamic Sciences (Hons) In the Science of Al-Quran

Bachelor of Islamic Sciences (Hons) in Da’wah and Usuluddin
Bachelor of Languages (Hons) in Arabic Language and Literature
Bachelor of Information Technology(Hons)
Bachelor of Information Technology(Hons) in Management Information System
Bachelor of Information Technology(Hons) in System Development and Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration(Hons)
Bachelor of Business Administration(Hons) in E-Commerce

p/s:im intrested the most btwn the 2 courses that i bold.

6 . your best quotes ever!

'Kalau boleh jawab semua soalan exam, bukan exam la name nye'-Mahdi Shuid

terbaik la ayah.. seriouslly i will pass this to our next genereation insyaAllah!

lastly, im not a soleh son.. i dont even know if my doa for you will be counted. but i will try my best be among the solehin just for you ayah.. just for you. thats the only thing i can do to repay all your kindness..your love..and your trust.

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shatrah said...

if u ask me .. id choose bachelor in d Quran first .. but both are great .. keep up d good ambition haikal ..