Saturday, June 5, 2010

a fly and a pyrosol

im having my lunch at one stall near my house. ordered kuftah(home made hot dog) and asob wa limun (sugarcane juice with lemon). then while waiting for my kuftah, i read my notes..

then there they are, my kuftah and asob wa limun. ok i ate the kuftah first, finish with kuftah i wanted to drink. suddently i found a fly inside my drink! what!

out of the blue, this hadith pop out in my mind.

Dari Abu Hurairah bahwasanya Rasulullah bersabda:

“Apabila lalat jatuh di bejana salah satu diantara kalian maka celupkanlah karena pada salah satu sayapnya terdapat penyakit dan pada sayap lainnya terdapat obat penawarnya”.

then i think..ok..why dont i give a try? if its Prophet Muhammad said, then it must be a true theory. so i dip in the fly then throw it away. fuh..

moment of truth.. i drank it slowly till half glass..why ist taste like pyrosol? i think that fly just get sprayed by pyrosol la. haiyoo!!!

but dont worry. Prophet Muhammad never lie to you. because im still alive to tell you this story.

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