Monday, June 14, 2010


13 june 1991,
i was the date that i wont forget,
the 1st time i come to this world,
with hope from Allah that i will always praise HIM

Aku tidak menciptakan manusia melainkankan agar mereka beribadah kepada-Ku.

Surah Az-Zariyat, ayat 56

i didnt celebrate my birthday since standard 2,
when my family moved to Puchong and my opah(grandma) died.
pathetic enough right when you dont even know your birthday.
i did. i just realise my birthday when im standard 6 because it was writen on my ID.

before standard 2,
my parent did couples time birthday party for me,
then after standard 6, i went to STAR Ipoh,
celebrate my my siblings there with eggs.
but last year, suddently after i celebrate my birthday with my friends at mid valley
my parent held a suprise party for me, all my uncles and aunties gathering together
it was nice, for my last celebration with family

this year!
i celebrate with my 2 wing man
Wan Aminuddin and Hanif Omar.
thanks guys.
last but not least,
thanks for the present to anyone who gv me physical present or even literally present.
i realy appreciate everything

on behalf of me,
i want to make "kenduri doa selamat",but then i dont have enough of money
solat hajat alone was the least i can do.
to show im thankfull to HIM, for giving me the chance to live on earth all those years ago.
and i do ask, if my life after this will be good for me, let me live for till that moment happen

by the way! at 00.00 14th of june. gt suprise cake from my houmates.thanks! sedap kek buah tuh.aku dah la sehari tak makan pape. kenyang jugak!

p/s : sy tak kene prank! depa nk baling telo tak kena!