Tuesday, June 8, 2010

beautifull in your own way

"Blessings abound for me as a Muslim woman: The freshness of ablution is mine, and the daily meditation zone of five prayers that involve graceful, yoga-like movements, performed in prayer attire. Prayer scarves are a chapter in themselves, cool and comforting as bedsheets.These create a tent of tranquility. The serene spirit sent from God is called by a feminine name, "sakinah," in the Quran, and I understand why some Muslim women like to wear their prayer clothes for more than prayer, to take that sakinah into the world with them. I, too, wear a (smaller) version of the veil when I go out. What a loss it would be for me not to have in my life this alternating structure, of covering outdoors and uncovering indoors."

wrote by : an american muslim woman

this article's link posted by maher zain. when i read this, i amused with this woman. how she felt gratefull as a muslimah and she dont fell any inferiority complex eventhough being surrounded by 'hot girls' everyday. alhamdulillah. then make me think, why ist some of muslim girls like to wear all those sexy-sexy stuff? to be honest as a man, we know what you have. but i dont think if some of us realy want to have a wife will pick you, because we dont want other guys talking about our wife's body shape. ist those skinny dress actually a fasion? if it does, dont you think there must be islamic fasion also? i do like women in baju kurung but i know its not realy practicle for active women right?. there are jilbab with trousers. i also sometimes wearing jubah for men, and its hot inside actually.hehe.

"Alhamdulillah saya dapat merasakan ketenangan jiwa di Tanah Haram Masjidil Haram ini ketika menunaikan haji.dapat menumpukan perhatian sepenuhnya kepada ibadat. mungkin ini semua hadir bila melihat wanita-wanita di sini semuanya berjilbab dan tiada ruang untuk nafsu(yang tidak elok) bermain di hati."

wrote by : a blogger who executed hajj

for me as a youngster, the biggest thing to deal during teenage time is to control our hormones! and avoid our seilf form zina!.its hard. can you help us? by creating an atmosphere where muslimah wearing jilbab so there wont be any reason for us to see what we shouldnt to?. ever heard about men have 9 minds to think and only one for lust. but for women, they have 9 minds for lust but only one mind for thinking. dont you think the 9 minds that control one lust mind will bring more hazardous because when those 9 minds combine to think about what to do with one lust, they will come out with so many ideas. its hard for a normal person to resist zina, only the choosen one can do this

Dan sungguh, perempuan itu telah berkehendakan kepadanya(Yusuf). Dan Yusuf pun berkehendakkan kepadanya sekiranya dia tidak melihat tanda (dari) Tuhannya. Demikian Kami palingkan darinnya keburukkan dan kekejian. Sungguh, dia(Yusuf) termasuk hamba kami yang terpilih

(Surah Yusuf : 24)

in conclusion, hopefully all muslimah will feel the same way as that american woman which proud practising islam. and islamic fashion growing up like mushroom now.they are gorgeous! seriously and i have a special request here, hopefully Maher zain will sing a song about how beautifull women in jilbab. because i know my writing here wont bring any changes. but if he sing that song, the whole world will open their eyes.

p/s : i wrote this entry because when i search jubah for my mumy, then i realise, hey these girls are beautifull eventhough they wearing jubah. btw help me to choose the best jubah for my mumy either the maroon one or the black one in the pictures above.


shatrah said...

i really3 lovee this post. i feel like i wanna let my girlfrnds read this. such honest opinions! jazakAllah for sharing..

anyway, d black one would look nice on yr mummy.. insyaAllah :) it looks very exclusive. my mum would love d black one..

ariff haikal said...

thanks shatrah.

the black one?haip!
i try to find one for my mum la nnt.

shatrah said...

yang jenis kain silky2 tu tau x? very nice. tapi tu lah, masalah jenis kain tu, cepat rasa panas .. lg2 dgn cuaca mlysia yg panas lembap tu .. better cari yang kain dye lembut sket ..