Monday, December 27, 2010

Mabadi Maqasid

Every day I learn about Islam, the more I want to know. So I decided to start reading the Quran with translation and then read the hadith from . Knowledge gained trying to understand, ask here and there then try to apply in my daily life. Finally, I try to share through this blog

I’m not alone in this thing, there were thousands of bloggers who post about Al-Quran and Hadith on their blog. We said that as a modern dakwah. InsyaAllah our intention will be paid off by HIM.

but one day, I read a title "It is disgraceful Talking About Science Hadith But Jahil Science Tools" in an Islamic website. the author is describing something that is foreign for me which is science Mabadi and science Maqasid. He said that if we want to share the content of Al-Quran and Hadith we better learn Arabic language first.

What is Mabadi and Maqasid?

Mabadi is a basic science . its like we have to learn the alphabets. If someone trying to talk over the content of al-Quran or the hadith, they must be proficient in advance about these science first. it is divided into two categories - Science of language: Nahu, Sorof, I'rob, Balaghah then Science aqli: Mantiq, Usul Feqh, Usul Tafsir, Usul Hadith

Maqasid means knowledge of purposes such as science of Tawheed of Allah's rulings that came out from the Quran and the Sunnah or with simple words we gain from of science to mabadi earlier then we try to develop and explain the aspects of everyday life as a servant of God .

Why should master knowledge Mabadi first?

When interpreting the Quran and Hadith, we must first learn the language style and truly understand what the explicit and implicit every verse of the Quran and Hadith bytes that we are trying to learn. Without an understanding in terms of language, this can lead to abuse of the understanding of a verse of the Quran or Hadith that want to practice or who wish to share with the community. This can be dangerous because it may damaging the faith and could lead to such things as Ayah Pin, and so forth.

So if we want to learn about a verse of the Quran or hadith, we should find a mastered teacher to interpreting these matter, because it is not easy to master the Arabic language or science mabadi. There are many branches and each branch of take 3-year diploma program offered at the university level. If only one branch will take three years, and we are just waiting to learn science mabadi finished first and then starting the science of maqasid ‘berjanggutlah’

I think it is important for me to share this thing because sharing about Islam is not something that can we take this for granted.Hopefully we are not among all these people

'Narrated by : Ali, (may Allah be pleased with him) reported:

Allah's Messenger said: Do not attribute lies to me, for anyone who attributes lies to me will be doomed to Hell-Fire.

"Dan kalau kami kehendaki nescaya kami tinggikan pangkatnya dengan ( sebab mengamalkan) ayat-ayat itu, Tetapi ai bermati-matian cenderung kepada dunia dan menurut hawa nafsunya. Maka bandingannya adalah seperti anjing, jika engkau menghalaunya ia menjelirkan lidahnya termegah-megah dan jika engkau biarkannya ia juga menjelirkan lidahnya termegah-megah. Demikianlah bandingan orang -orang yang mendustakan ayat-ayat kami. Maka ceritakanlah kisah-kisah itu supaya mereka berfikir"

Surah al-Araf :176

if any of you still dont understand, you may click this link to watch a video about this thinggy

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