Thursday, December 16, 2010


If I ask any of us about honeymoon, I am quite sure that we all got the answer right? Maybe some will pick Jeju Island or Europe trip and if you ask for me for sure I will say ITALY, SPAIN and Paris. Italy for their foods and historic values, then Spain neither the less for the left over of Islamamic civilisation and finally Paris ‘The City of Love’.

We maybe get married in 6-7 years from now but all already have plan for our honeymoon with someone we don’t know who.but do we have a plan for family honeymoon?spending some valuable time with our own mum and dad?.

2 weeks before I came back to Egypt, my mummy asked me ‘haikal nak p jalan mana-mana ka?kita tak p jalan mana-mana lepas haikal balik Malaysia nie.’ But i just simply replied her ‘nevermind mummy, saye dah jalan banyak dah ngan aktiviti yang saye buat ok la.’

Right now im in Egypt, having a life as a medical student. Not really intresting actually other then repeatedly daily routine. Then one day I saw a family album’s trip on facebook. Then I realise, that’s how I should spending my summer break actually.I guess this phrase explain everything “You never know what you've got until its gone”.

Maybe it is still not to late for me to do the right thing, but I just pray to HIM that He will give us the chance to meet again.

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