Friday, April 30, 2010

the bullet train

Sensei Ainun Maziah Abdul Rahman

im a japanese language student for 4 years but please dont you ever ask me to speak. i dont remember a word! but one thing i do remember, an article about shinkansen in our japanese text book. some extra information here. Shinkansen is the world's busiest high-speed rail line with 151 milion passangers a year. but maybe it well known as a high speed train which is can reach to 581 km/h. just imagine you can travel from KL to Perlis just with in one hour.

when we discuss about the shinkansen, my sensei said "saye dulu eventhough shinkansen nie laju and jimat mase, tapi saye still ambek train biase. sebab kite nak tour japan kan. we have to feel the experience. kalo naek shinkansen. tengok luar tingkap nak kire gunung pon tak sempat!"

i agree with my sensei, sometimes we have to feel what we have to. some goes to all my friends in egypt who trying to change to be a better person. the deeper you fell, the harder to fall back on but its worth for the experiences (my first quotes)

its never to late to change. everyone have their own zaman jahilliyah right? doesn't matter where you start but it does matter where you end. just look at khulafah ar-rasyidin, they have done something bad during back days but why Allah promise a place for them in heaven? think it wise and make a move.

Wahai orang-orang beriman! Mengapa apabila dikatakan kepada kamu "Berangkatlah di jalan Allah", kamu merasa berat dan ingin tinggal di tempatmu? Apakah kamu lebih menyenangi kehidupan di dunia daripada kehidupan akhirat? Padahal kenikmatan hidup di dunia ini (dibandingkan dengan kehidupan) di akhirat hanyalah sedikit - Surah at-Taubah, ayat 38

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