Friday, April 23, 2010


Hadis Anas r.a katanya:
Aku melihat Rasulullah s.a.w mengangkat kedua tangan baginda semasa berdoa sehingga ternampak keputihan di bawah ketiak baginda

when i read this hadith, i was.. wow!thats high ya Rasullulah where you raised your hands! then i started to think, am i doing the same thing during doa?. why is He(Prophet Muhammad) have to raise his hand that high eventhough he knows that Allah realy love him. he can ask anything. but me? where am i? and why i am so arrogant to do the same thing?or shame to raise my hand that high infront of others?

people keep on saying that, we as a muslim have "the great voucher" which is doa. the non-muslim, from whom they will ask for help? maybe some say they dont have to doa or ask anything from Allah because they have everything. so why we should asking for help from Allah, cant we be more independent like the non-muslim. your wrong. Allah gave them everything because HE love HIS creation. ALLAH AL-MIGHTY, MOST GENEROUS and MOST MERCIFUL.

if HE can give it to the non-muslim, how about us? im sure HE can give us something better form the non-muslim right? wALLAHhualam. it is just the matter of whether we ask anything from HIM or not, if we did before, insyaAllah HE will give us, because HE is the creator anyway. HE also promise in Surah Ikhlas. by the way this surah actually for bilal bin robah when he being toutured by his master. then Allah give this surah to Prophet Muhammad to calm down bilal bin robah and tell him that Allah is everything.:

Katakanlah (Muhammad) "Dialah Allah yang Maha Esa" [1]
Allah tempat meminta segala sesuatu [2]

my fellow friends. maybe we are hoping so much on human to help us until we forget HE is the ONE. we will try everything to get what we want even if we have to sacrifice our dignity sometimes. but if you seek the thing from Allah, HE just ask you to realy believe in HIM.

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