Saturday, April 10, 2010


the 12 Wali's tomb

i just come back from tombs tour around El-Murshi Mosque,Alexandria. The 12 Wali's Tombs, Yaaqut al-Arsh' Tombs, Imam al-Busini and other Prophet Muhammad relatives are among the tombs that you can find there.

everytime i entered the tombs and heard the explanation from the ustaz, i felt ashame with "them". All those great people lying infront of me.why i should felt ashamed? because of how they sacrifice their life for Allah, how they took care their relationship with Allah and how much they had contribute to the society.but me?where am i?

why i name this entry as heroes?if you watched Heroes (tv series), there was bunch of human with supernatural power.but ist worth if the hero can do time travel but then he cant do anythng to change it eventhough he know what will happen next.for me its better if u got a dream with Prophet Muhammad, and He teach you about qasidah(poet that praised Prophet Muhammad) like what Imam al-Busiri got. Atleast his qasidah can do the "time travel" for him.secondly its worth if u can shouts as loud as in kung fu hustle movie but do you think the shout can be heard till the throne of (Arash) like what Yaqut al-Arshi had done?

the highest supernatural power anyone can achive for me is the sufian life.its hard to get till that level, but atleast we can study how they manage their life and practising them as much as we can in our daily life insyaAllah.


Aishafarhana Radzi said...

thumbs up!!.xperlulah nak agungkan heroes yg ntah pape..contohnya my boss my hero..haha..xdela..tapi betoila..kesedaran perlu dipupuk..kecik2 da baca dragon ball, spider man..haha..

ariff haikal said...

hahaha.baek my girlfriend is an agent!

Aishafarhana Radzi said...

yew!!ko tgk cter kambing heroin bukan hero..