Monday, April 5, 2010

the nile river

its a great river. before i came to egypt, when i heard bout nile river straight away pyramid pop out from my mind. yeah because of this river, the pharaoh could create a great civilisation in the midlle of desert.

There was a time when Caliph Umar Al-Khattab put Amru Al-As as the governor of that new Muslim territory. there was news that the river of Nile soon would be dry, and hence, the Egyptians planned to do an ancient ceremony which was to sacrifice a girl for the river. They pushed Amru to do the ceremony but Amru insisted to not doing it as it opposed to Islam tradition.That situation forced Amru to write upon Caliph Umar in Medina for his opinion.Then, Caliph Umar replied his answer in a letter. When the letter was received by Amru, he noticed that the letter was not for him but instead for the Nile itself. Before he threw the letter into the drying Nile, he read the letter and it wrote:

“This letter is sent to the river of Nile by Umar, servant of Allah and Commander of the Believers. O river of Nile, if the water is flowed on your will, behold that we do not need it. But if it flows in the will of Allah, thus, we pray to Him to let flow the water in the river.”

After the letter was thrown into the river, the river was filled with water up to forty-eight feet deep in the same night

how special is this river. just imagine if Islam is the nile river, we are the branches and the water is our knowledge about Islam.

we are all from the main branche of the nile river but the different is the distance between us and the main nile river. maybe the one who alim about islam, they were the big branches and as people like me just the small branch of nile, but the water still flowing inside me.

for the da'ie who trying to give dakwah to the small braches, you cant expect them to change dramaticly, but you can deeping this small branche's river bed other then widen then width.because usually we can see the small branches people sighing "ko tu alim sangat ke?aku pon islam jugak.asl ko nk cakap aku berdosa.sape ko nk judge aku?dosa pahala ALLAH punye".

and for the small branches, just open your heart, deepen ur river bed.maybe theres something the big branches want to say.give them the chance.

basicly what im trying to say here is we are all Islam. the slave of Allah. we came from the same place.dont pre-judge others. and let us come back to our main branch

*sorry bout the long post and not realy straight post.but for whom dat can understand wat it is.thanks.


mohdizattrahman said...

mrilh kita minum air paip rmhnye.. dh2 r tu mnum mineral water.. hehehee..

ariff haikal said...

nice pok jat!