Sunday, May 2, 2010

the pencil

i lost my mechanical pencil. my housemate said "pensil bukan sebatang, pemadam bukan seketul". its true my friend. but then how about the memories?

it was from my 2nd months salary since the 1st salary i bought cellphone and nettbook. but i still can remember the time that i bought you. right after i withdraw my money at IOI MALL PUCHONG then having sushi there. by the time i try to get something for my parent and siblings. then i saw you..inside the faber castell store. my heart ticking "ape kate beli pencil besi plak.slalu pakai shaker je dari skola rendah.ko dah nak masok universiti nnt"

but left me behind. our last date was before i entered anatomy practical exam. to be honest i am happy when im with you. i luv to touch your slim body. eventhough sometimes your cold(during winter). but i dont care. your the best for me. the one and only. thought want to give you a retired life after final exam and buy another one as your mate. but..

dont despair and loose hope. because Allh is always by your side. InsyaAllah i will find my pencil

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