Friday, May 21, 2010

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

after my anatomy examination, i when home and straight away go to my netbook to on9 facebook.but then my friend from out of the blue said 'HEY! dont you know today we all boycotting all social networks'. i asked him why?. then he said it was about "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day". i just answered my friend, you know why im on9? because im spying for islam. to watch what on earth this group doing. then we just laughing

basicly im not a type of person who will boycott something simply just because everyone does.for me, we control our self, so we should know the reason behind everything that we have done or will do.after my friend left my room, i started to google about this group. basicly this was what i get

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day encourages people to flout the belief by devout Muslims that it is wrong to depict religious figures because it could lead to idol worship. The group has more than 81,000 fans on Facebook

By mid-morning on Thursday, more than 7,300 images had been uploaded to the Facebook page, most of them drawings of Mohammed

Posted by: Doug Gross - producer

then i googled somemore to know who the one behind this thing and why are they doing this. so this is the chronology for all this

It originally began as a protest against censorship of South Park episode "201" (cartoon series) by Comedy Central in response to death threats from radical Islamists.

1. It started with a drawing posted on the Internet on April 20, 2010, the suggestion in it that everybody create a drawing representing Muhammad, a prophet of Islam, on May 20, 2010, as a protest against efforts to limit freedom of speech, and the movement in support of that protest.

2. had said that Parker and Stone could wind up like Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was brutally murdered and mutilated by a Muslim extremist.

3. Molly Norris (U.S. cartoonist) created the artwork in reaction to Internet death threats that had been made against cartoonists Trey Parker and Matt Stone for depicting Muhammad in an episode of South Park.

4. Norris said that if millions of people draw pictures of Muhammad, Islamist terrorists would not be able to murder them all, and threats to do so would become unrealistic.

but now the group has been removed by facebook. i dont want to drag this any longer. as a muslim who realy admire and love Prophet Muhammad of course i will be angry if someone draw his face. it not just you trying to draw his face that you never meet but your insulting him with dirty caricature. yes this world have freedom of expression what so ever. but dont you know how to differentiate between respect and freedom of expression?. let us put like this, if someone draw your lover's picture nude with someone else. what would you do?. come on..we as a muslim never ever want to fight anybody. instead Prophet Muhammad have proved before by building Macca. He let the non-muslims citizen to keep on practising their religion, so basicly Islam can get along with everyone and during war, it is forbidden to kill women and children for Islam's soldiers

Abdullah bin 'Umar, may Allah be pleased with them, reported:
A woman was found murdered in one of the battles fought by the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him). (On seeing that) Allah's Messenger disapproved of the killing of women and children.

dont you see? we dont want to pick any fight or war. but for sometimes we have to if its relating Allah and people respect on Islam. all i can say. we should respect each other.

Allahuakhbar!(Allah is the most greatest)


karakoza said...

Wrong statement in the last sentence of the third last paragraph:

...Islam's soldier CAN'T even kill the...

Don't make the non-Muslim confused when they found this page later.

ariff haikal said...

thanks owh.aku da tuka ckit dah ayat tuh