Sunday, May 16, 2010

i miss him

during my jauhlah to Alex, i when to Iman al-Busiri's tomb. He is a sufian and among the luckiest person who Allah choose to meet with Prophet Muhammad in his dream. how lucky he is right?. during at his thomb, im thinking my chance to meet with Prophet Muhammad. compare me with all of people who manage to meet Prophet Muhammad in their dreams, i am nothing!

then i think maybe He wont come into my dream because im not praying to meet with him before. my heart never tickled to meet with him before or im not salawat to him 24/7. not atleast 6hours/7 days. i just start to miss him. how come the Allah's lover, the most loveable person and the greatest leader ever live on earth will come to into my dream. why should he come to me? im the one who should go to him. then the only word pop up in my mind was 'UMRAH!'

maybe some of us will said "Alah, umrah..tiap-tiap tahun aku pegi ngan family aku" or "dengan duit Hai Oo , saya berjaya membawa semua ahli keluarga saya menunaikan umrah.syukur alhamdulillah".haha. but for me? i realy2 want to go there..if i can with my own money

this was my conversation with my grandpa :

me : wan, dari sini nak p mekah murah ja.
wan : yaaka? brapa?
me : dalam RM 2000 Malaysia package umrah siap semua.
wan : baguih la tuh, wan nak p haji taun depan. wan bayaq kat hang sama.kita jumpa kat sana.
me : saye mmg nak p x sedia lagi. wan p la dulu noe. p ngan tok,br romantik.
wan : hurm.. x pa la macam tuh.hang dah sedia nanti bagi tau.want bayaq.

why i said im not ready?. back when im form 4. there was a senior who "a little bit nakal". then all our teachers praise to Allah when they heard this senior going to umrah with his family. but then when he return, he still the same person. people putting high hopes on him to change. then teachers started to say "orang pegi umrah, balik berubah.kamu?".

actually umrah or hajj should be just between Allah and us.if we change only Allah knows and if we dont maybe he have plan something for us. but for Malaysian, they look up at people who allready did umrah or haji. for them this group of people should be respect because they allready meet the RasulAllah and Kaabah. pray infront of Kaabah. am i ready to carry the name as people come back from umrah? can i be the role model for other muslim who just came back from umrah?

i dont think im ready for all that, for now i just put picture at Masjidilharam as my phone screen saver. hopefully one day i manage to meet with him..Ya RasulAllah.

my screen saver!
*wish i can solat here one day!


Aishafarhana Radzi said...

wan hang orang mana???..hehe~

ariff haikal said...

jitra maa..

furqon said...

good bro.. ;D
lets join us..jordanian..
this june..going to umrah,,

ariff haikal said...

best gile weyh..
tp tok aku ckp.baek haji dari umrah.
tuh aku target nk g haji tros

furqon said...

xpe...pegi umrah bnyk2 kali pn xpe..
xrugi pegi tanah suci bnyk2 kali...
lgpn haji tkt xkena dgn cuti.....