Thursday, March 25, 2010


2006 - the year i started to play rugby
final with MCKK state level

2007-SBP 10's
last picture before..

June 2007-broke my leg during match with MCKK
got 6 screws+1 long screw and a metal plate.

Final Piala Perdana Menteri - O.K.U life
im still active eventho with crutches.btw thanks to my mum

2008-Game on Old Boys Weekend
should rest for 2 years.but back in action!

on 12th of march, there was held a rugby tournament at Zagazig.the FIRST rugby tournament in Egypt.i not playing at that time because of my promise to my post this entry because offically i wana ask my parent to play again with restu from both of u.eventho i played several times after i broke my leg.hee...please..da nak masok 3 years dah kn?

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