Saturday, March 20, 2010

quantity or quality?

i keep this question for so long.i have meet with so many wonderfull person but no one among them can answer this question i better i make a survey first.

when i meet with this great person talking bout islam and science.then how people can atleast do something for Islam and how when our intuation different from others it will lead to different out put.but what is his main target as pendakwah?

ist to seperate Islam or to make muslim know their religion well?if to spread Islam all over the world means the quantity of islam community increase.did you know the largest Islam community is Indonesia?and most of them not practising Islam in daily life.(quantity)

or is he want to streghten someone's knowledge bout islam and help muslim to feel what the real Islam is. there's different between someone who know the thing and the one who practising and get the soul Islam.for example, every can be a doctor, but ist everyone can be a doctor in a mean while be a pendakwah and change people perception on Islam.(quality)

make your choice, quantity or quality?

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