Monday, March 22, 2010

the new cvilisation of Islam

"Constantinopel akan ditaklukkan oleh tentara Islam. Rajanya adalah sebaik-baik raja & tentaranya adalah sebaik-baik tentara"

Hadith Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

Islam tried so many times to invade this city since the death of Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.but then atlast Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih manage to colonise this city.but i keep on wondering, why ist RasulAllah choose constantinople?.

when i read all information from my research bout Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih, Turki Uthmaniyah Empire and the place name constantinople, i found something interesting that can be the answer for my question before.

its simple.just one word "anastomosis".because constantinople was the meeting point between asia and europe.meeting point between Islamic area at the middle east and two big cristian empires at constantinople which is Roman then Byzantine.if Islam can get this place, then we can show the beauty of Islam to the cristian.

there also was the meeting point between islamic and western culture.where on earth you think this thing can happen smoothly?its turkey.but if u can see now..its western culture invading Turkey.

in conclusion, the best spot to start a new islamic civilisation is at Turkey.the place that RasulAllah had choosed before.maybe someday there will be Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih the second for Turke to start the new civilisation.

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