Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Allah's willing

InsyaAllah. we always heard this word.but because of we frequently using the word in our conversation,the pride of this word have lost.why i said this?because malaysian always using this word when they made a promise.and when they did, straight away our malaysia mind set will said."ok he's not gona full fill the promise".can you see now?we made people dont trust to the word anymore.

for example.
me : bikam ya saddiq?(how much is this my fren?)
ammu : ithnin geneh.insyaAllah.
then i just monologue alone 'iskh btoi ke die nie harge 2 geneh.ckp mcm x leyh caye je.'

actually then meaning of this word is Allah's other words meaning 'with Allah blessing' or 'if Allah let us to'.if you watched Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2, there's scene where Pak Kiyayi ask Maz Azzam to come for his daughter wedding ;

Pak Kiyayi : Satu lagi jangan lupa datang, ahad ini kamu kena datang, itu hari pernikahan Anna

Maz Azzam : InsyaAllah

Pak Kiyayi : Semua InsyaAllah kamu itu akan di uji

from this scene know that if we use the word, someday Allah will test us and at that time we have to try till the last. Allah have everything and we know HE is The Most Reliable Giver.HE can give us everything if we try hard enough.if not just back to qada and qadar.please..if we use this try our best to complete it what ever it takes.thats all.


shatrah said...

Assalamualaikum.. This is a V. good entry haikal. There is a verse in d Quran thts very related to yr entry. I wanna show it in case u didnt know okay.

"Dan jgn sekali-kali engkau mengatakan terhadap sesuatu. 'Aku pasti akan melakukan itu besok pagi'

kecuali dgn mengatakan 'InsyaALLaH'. Dan ingatlah kepada Tuhanmu apabila engkau lupa dan katakanlah 'Mudah-mudahan Tuhanku akan memberi petunjuk kepadaku agar aku yang lebih dekat (kebenarannya) drpd ini"

(Al Kahfi : 23,24) ^^

ariff haikal said...

thanks for sharing ur knowledge with me shatrah.may Allah bless you.i realy need someone like you as my fren

shatrah said...
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shatrah said...

yr welcome, & Wa Feeka BarakAllah :)

Wazzakkir Fainna Zikra Tanfa’ul Mukminin. 'Berilah peringatan kerana peringatan itu bermanfaat bagi org mukmin'

lets help each other out okay..?