Sunday, January 10, 2010

its for you

da 1st question i will ask u if we ever met again is 'can u read my mind?'.hahaha.
yesterday when i checked my picture folder.i saw ur picture.wah..teringat maa dis gurl.

its been bout 10 years since we know each other.i still remember the time when we 1st meet each other.dlm van uzair!(driver van gile)hahaha.

venue:dlm van time blk skola year 2000

jas:hey u clas mane?
me:3 berlian.
jas:i nnt pindah 3 jelutung
me:yeke?same la.dpt pts.

then after dat makin close.maen ptg same2.rase nye area umah kite tuh.brape org je yg same age.bout maen ptg..hahaha.1 day u bring along hamster.wah!at the 1st time geli gak.then tros nk 1.semangat!beli umah then..hehehe.besela.x pnh bende nk idop bg kat aku nie.mati hamster tuh sebab lupe salin tempat tido die 1 week!sian hamster tuh.mati kesejukkan.

byk lg bende2 yg kurang diterime akal kite nk bg tau yg masok akal jela such as wakil skola kuiz sains la.then pertandingan reka cipta lg.til nw..kalo g je skola rendah blk.those teachers sure tyn.jasmine mane?hahaha.the main reason y i like you is u x bajet lawa mcm gurls laen dlm clas kite.hahaha.stil remember the term??(PPG).

bt then..after upsr result..i gt offer g boarding school.n i left u alone to enter secondary school.start from dat day..kite da x cm dulu ryte?bt stil.mlm sabtu i calld u.or atleast blk cuti call.hahaha.skali tuh.time mlm sabtu.try to call u.then bile org angkt just mcm bese la.ckp 'jas ade?'.then my dad jwb.salah umah haikal oi!wargh malu gile dat time!

1 more thing.u shud b happy cz ur da 1st gurl i take for a mvi.igt lg mvi MUHSIN.hahaha.syok jugak mvi tuh.then bile form 4 when i broke my leg.u owez come over my house.bwk novel la.bwk dvd player la.n oso nt frgtin u tease me dat time.hahaha.mentang2 aku x leyh jalan.thanks 4 everything jas.if sum1 wana noe wat true fren is.ITS U!..

i left u since 13 years old til nw and will be 4 anthr 6 years.just hold on dis,u owez b part of my heart.just pray dat i cud make up all those thng yg kite telepas.i wont forget ur words to my mum when she ask u haikal nie kat clas cmne?.aunty!satan nie ske kaco org kat skola!tp die pndin pemalas!

gud luck in ur study!do pray 4 me oso!

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jasminej said...

i wish i could say many nice things about you too, but there is too many.. i met so many people who walked in and out of my life but i never once regretted cause my bench mark for a friend (you) is very high and strong! i can read this 1000 times and never get bored.

my source of comfort, thank you very much my dearest. It means the world to me in every way, it shifts my world around *in a good way* :)