Monday, January 4, 2010

antidote for my heart

why im using the word "antidote"?the definition is a medicine taken to counteract poison or sumthing talkin bout nasheeds.u can cure ur heart from all those poison in ur heart wit the lyrics.

at 1st when i came here.there were so many raya celebration n guess wat?nasheeds is a must!n da singer just like celebrity.every1 luv them or atleast adore them.then i started to think 'wat i wil be in next 6 years?x kn denga nasheeds!kat STAR dulu dak2 skem or 'budak surau' je yang denga sume nie'

but its bout 4 months im at egypt..i started to hear nasheed last month n my housemate said 'ko x leyh nye tahan.tgk jela.seminggu mst ko da stop'.bt then wit Allah's hidayah i fall in luv wit nasheed by dis song "Rayuan Rindu".realy touched my heart that time..gosh..wat a nice song..nw start wit english nasheed plak.maher zain!thank you Allah.

niwey.if sum1 wana start to remember Allah every time the calcium ions diffuse in your heart during the end of depolarization.start wit nasheed.


Aishafarhana Radzi said...

ajakla juga kwn2 serumah..0k? kn?rayuan rindu

ariff haikal said...

hahaha.insyaAllah.bilik aku nasyed melayu.bilik ustz pok jat nasyed bi

Aishafarhana Radzi said...

owh..rumah aku dua2 layan..

Abdul Rahman bin Ahmad Bukhari said...

alhamdulillah...that's my boy..hehe