Sunday, January 31, 2010

Emergency Room

i went to the emergency department of Hospital of Zagaziq University last evening wit 3 of my frens because one of us has minor accident during her way back from university.

when i step into the department i can saw so many egyptian lying down on bed with several injuries, some have bleeding on their faces, broken arms!, lying on steel bed (no mattress!)pity them la. and not to mention wit partial claw hand oso!.

but then i saw this patient bleeding all over her chin n also haemoptysis(counghing up of blood).she's crying..but wana noe my 1st reaction?i just feeling guilty right then i learn something from her.she prays to Allah and oso praise to propet Muhammad s.a.w.gosh..dats realy touch me thats EGYPT!the land where so many prophet arise.

i do love Egypt.Ya Allah give me the strength to serve here.i want to learn everything about this community.

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