Sunday, January 24, 2010

aurat and jilbab

i cant talk bout dis thing deeply because i havent debate yet this thing with ustaz2 or someone who arif bout Islam.i just get my knowledge by googling whether online or 'live googling'.hahaha.

to be honest i do luv to see girls wearing baju kurung since when i oso dont know, and before i came to Egypt, when i saw girls wearing hijab my mind will straight away talkin to me that "wah this girl..sure alim gile.x bley buat lawak ngan die nie".bt..after 4 2 months im at Egypt, i started to like those gurls..i called it as seize of the eyes.bcz they can melt your heart using their eyes..

lets make it simple

for example a girl is a very colourful, tempting, delicious food.but if we left it open for sure there will be flies sitting on it.will there any of us dare to eat the food?

good wife for good husband.if you wearing sexy stuff,n someone married wit you, what do you think your husband's taste?what if your not wearing sexy stuff.will he still want you?

for those who their heart tickling to know bout wearing purdah, you can visit this link "" p/s:thanks to aishah nasaruddin for the link


mohdizattrahman said...

adkh gmbr diatas merupakan aisha dlm ayat2 cinta??? hahahaha.. nice work!! bump for u!!

ariff haikal said...

wah..ntah la.aku cr saja.mule2 aku nk cr gambo ALIYAH dlm NUR x jumpe la..