Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tossing the coin for english class

english class at egypt!wargh!seriously better u learn from 8 years old student at KUMON!bkn nak kutok or wat ever bt then lecture yang aja pon mate ngantok n steam je..hadoyai..

bout those tossing coin thingy..hehehe.dlm cals anatomy lab hanif ask me "weyh arip.ko nk g class bi?"then my answer was "aku cm saket tengkok je".then..we start making up new theory!if we wana go to english clas we hv to toss da coin.then?how to determine which side wud b not to clas or hv go to THE CLAS!.bt then hanif come wit bright idea.weyh kan kat coin 1 L.E egypt nie ade firaun n the other side ade tulis kalu firaun ktrg x yh g la.yela firaun kn jahat.die la ajak kite escape clas nie.then i just gv him sum naive guy face tande setuju!

.after anatomy lab clas hanif+amin+me when to buy sum foods..ntah ape ntah name die bt nice!got meat n macaroni.tibai jela.then bermulelah journey ktrg ke kelas english..just to toss the coin in front of the class.smpi kat depan pintu ktrg bertige kuakn duit 1 L.E amin ckp "weyh aku x de".then i gv him 1.nw 3 of us holding the coin...

da rules are like dis.
1. It must be done infront of the clas
2.there must be 3 of us.not just 2!
3.using the 1 L.E coin ONLY
4.must be 3 rounds of tossing.
5.if 2 or 3 of the coin show pharaoh dat round the pharaoh wins! or vise versa

the result for today!
1st round=2 arab and 1 for pharaoh=arab wins!
2nd round=2 pharaoh and 1 arab=pharaoh wins!yeay!
3rd round=3 pharaoh!yeah balik!

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