Friday, November 26, 2010

my wonderwoman!

If someone really get to know me closer, they will called me ‘anak mummy’ or atleast have a thought that im mummy’s son because if I hang out with my friends, and if its already maghrib, mummy will call to ask where am I or just simply asking me to go home.

I still remember mummy when said that ‘you are my son, come from my belly, so I can atleast control your life for your own good’. I agree with mummy.because everything you did for me actually for my future.thanks for that.

To be honest I rarely share my problems with mummy, I love to solve it by my self.but mummy, you always know if I have big problems and come to help without I have to ask .thanks.i think that is what people talking about the bond between a mother and her son.

Still remember when you asked me one morning after SPM result ‘Haikal still nak jadi doctor ke?kalau nak mummy nk hantar pergi Egypt.’ To be honest my heart crying at that time, my mummy offering me the one and only course carved in my mind since im standard 4.

Thanks mummy for everything, by the way sorry for not spending the whole summer with you and ayah because im active with my charity works. Every time I want to organise a program, I will always remember this,

Seorang datang kepada Nabi Saw. Dia mengemukakan hasratnya untuk ikut berjihad. Nabi Saw bertanya kepadanya, "Apakah kamu masih mempunyai kedua orangg tua?" Orang itu menjawab, "Masih." Lalu Nabi Saw bersabda, "Untuk kepentingan mereka lah kamu berjihad."

(Hadis Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

cheq kata dah..depa p perth tuh nak honeymoon.tengok la pic nie.haish..sampai lupa nk skype ngan anak

Happy birthday, Hopefully He will give me the chance to atleast make ayah and you happy for once.insyaAllah.


afiqah said...

Ibu ialah insan terhebat.

ariff haikal said...

yeah! tambah2 mummy yg berkerje


i like the words from ur mom~

tetibe mata rasa lain macam...

ariff haikal said...

insyaAllah you will be a mom sumday.maybe you can use that words.haha



Prinzessin Sara said...

yeah.dats rite gorie..
btw for me kan..
bler dah far2 away nie la..
makin hari makin rapat

ariff haikal said...

yeah.lagi jauh lg rapat.cewah!
rindu parent btr dr rindu someone else