Monday, November 8, 2010

the minors

Rumah Anak Yatim
(aina smart!)

Round-round KL
(sapa la berdiri sebelah cheq tuh)

Round-round Kelantan
(gomo Klate gomo)

Alhamdulliah,praise to Allah for letting the kasih sayang program and Mencari Keredhaan-Nya become reality during last september.salawat to our beloved prophet for leading the ummah towards HIM.

I would like to give my special gratitude to all kasih sayang program's voluntier whether direct and indirectlly(PA..haha).

Zubir: thanks bro for compliting me(bau2 gay).your are way-way more particular person than me, and you make all those reports seems professional’s work.thanks

Abil : thanks coperate woman.rajin hang cari dana.Meeting with donours no matter where they are even though you have to spend your time at nilai 3 with your mum!

Intan: thanks for everything.u even cancel your trip to singapore for those pure your heart is. Then thanks for helping us to find the needy at Kelantan.

Shatrah: i can see how you love the kids.haha.if u ask me to write resume about you, for sure i will put about this shat.thanks for everything.balik lambat ape sume.i know your mum tak bg sgt kn.

Hanif : hey thanks dude, first of all because all the goddie bags and stuffs for the kids then delay your flight just to join our programs to Kelantan. It was fun tho!dpt jumpe THE ROCK!

Amin : if you weren’t there at first, I will be going to Kelantan alone thus supporting the hypothesis about guys are extinct when it comes to charity works. Thanks for support these 2 programs.

Syakira : If the high way can say something to you, he must be will saying this “muke kau lagi kat high way, tak penat ke travel”. Seriously, when im tired preparing stuff for these programs, I will think of you ‘keyra dari jauh kot datang.relax je’. Thanks noe akak double peace!

Kak fatin : still remember the first time you text me and said want to join with us, I thought It was junior, so I replied your messages politely, last2! Kak 10 rupenye..penat control serious texting you. Thanks kak, drive from sabak, then prepared nice doughnuts. Not to mention about your late arrived at the KTM station to Kelantan.lawak gila tengok akak lari.

Kak fadz : serious i tought you were same age as me.last2..haa..anyway thanks meriahkan this program. Tolong basuh periuk lepas program la.then balik lambat sebab makanan sampai lambat kat jonny’s. n air sirap akak sedap!

Aishah : thanks to you, willing to ask donations from your teachers and also join the programs.hang satu team la ngan kak fadz dok basuh periuk malam kat umah anak yati tuh.thanks!

Aina : weyh kassim! Haha.syukran jd camera man aku! Poyo kn bunyi? Just joking. Thanks for coming.basuh2 bekas air. Thanks la sume! Nice working with you.

Kak faizah : thanks kak for coming then you help us to find puan zainab (adam’s mother a.k.a your mother in law-to-be). Kalau akak tak de, tak meriah program nie.tak de sape sy nk kacau.lg satu akak nie pencantik gambar, sume pic tutup mate..NICE!

Nabihah : biha, thanks for joining us.paling sian time round KL la.tertidur-tidur hang dlm keta tunggu zubir.hahaha.thanks yeah!

Kak pah : thanks stay up malam-malam buat report apa semua noe, pastu tolong email banyak benda.syukran.*lebih-lebih nanti bahaya*

Iqa and Ebi : thanks for your support.penat jadi driver kak fatin kan?. Btw best Kelantan.hahaha.if there any programs hang pa buat, insyaAllah I will join the force.

From bottom of my heart :

Everyone care about the needy but minors who have the heart and mind combine as one to produce an action. and guess what? your all are the minors