Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bed time stories

Alhamdulillah He still give me the heart to read Al-Quran. I love to read this holy book because it feels like I am reading a story book that never lies, full of fact and moral values. Sometimes if I read it before my sleep, I am smilling to my self and said ‘pity la you ariff, there is no body want to tell you bed time sotries so you read It your self’

Enough with that, then one morning I watched Ipad lauching at Oprah’s show. She said “l love ipad because I love to read books.here in my ipad there are thousands of book I already downloaded.this will be the new era for books lover”

I get an idea, why don’t we combine Al-Quran and then we attach with stories like sirah anbia and other stories to be a bed time story. Just imagine some day you have a kid then at first your read some verses of quran for him/her.then you click at that verses, there will be a story about these particular verses. Got what I mean? For example we are reading these verses

“Lalu Kami wahyukan kepadanya, ‘Buatlah kapal di bawah pengawasan dan petunjuk Kami maka apabila perintah Kami datang dan tanur(dapur) telah memancarkan air, maka masukkanlah ke dalam (kapal) itu sepasang-sepasang dari setiap jenis, juga keluargamu, kecuali orang yang terlebih dahulu ditetapkan (akan ditimpa siksaan)di antara mereka. Dan janganlah engkau bicarakan dengan-Ku tentang orang-orang yang zalim, sesungguhnya mereka itu akan ditenggelamkan.’”

“Dan apabila engkau dan orang-orang yang bersamamu telah berada di atas kapal, maka ucapkanlah ‘Segala puji bagi Allah yang telah menyelamatkan kami dari orang-orang yang zalim’”

Surah Al-Mu’minun : 27-28

When we read these verses, there will appear after that a story about Prophet Nuh and his ship.

By doing this we can create an atmosphere where then new generation of Islam love to read Al-Quran and know all the stories behind every verse insyaAllah


Prinzessin Sara said...

nice story.

ariff haikal said...

thanks sara salleh.

chatiey said...

m loving your idea psl bedtime stories tu.