Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We Are Malaysian, They Are Egyptian

Malaysian Day

It was like a dream come true because when im still in the first year I heard my seniors and among my friend also talking about how bad impression Egyptian have on Malaysia. They thought that we are all came from the jungle just because our ministry of tourism advertise Malaysia as a green country and using sabah and Sarawak jungle as the poster. Then I said to my friend why don’t we create a day to introduce Malaysia to the egyption. Lastly Syamsudin with his brilliant and proactive mind, he have done it first. Congrats bro, such a wonderfull day and the most that touched my heart yesterday was the ‘NEGARAKU’ part. The first ever our national anthem shaking on this land of anbiya.

They are Egyptian

Before started the Malaysian day, we have to attend the morning lecture which is histology lecture on Urinary System given by Prof. Khalid El Mossalamy. I’m touched when he said this to one of my classmate because he entered the lecturer theater 30 minutes late

‘you take this bad habit from the Egyptian, this is not Malaysian student attitude’ modest he is, to accept his own race weaknesses. It is not easy to tender your ego and accept our own mistake to be more specific. Then I remember one story about RasulAllah when I watched Al-Kuliyah program. The panel said during a war(I forget the name), RasulAllah asked to all the troops to stand in one line while he is holding a stick. Then he pinned the stick to one of the troops. The fisabilillah asked him, “why do you pin that stick to me? Even I already stand in the straight line”. Our Beloved RasulAllah give the stick to the soldier and asking him to the the same thing because Prophet Muhammad S.A.W don’t have the reason why he pinned that man.

Can’t you see how modest RasulAllah was? Even he is the chosen and have meet with Allah and always communicating with Jibril but he still put him self the same level as a normal person. This teach us not to be ego and think that we are always right. open to any criticism and dare confess about your mistake and also ready to face the consequences

*i should have post this on 4th of jan.sorry for the late update.kinda busy right now with stuff*

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