Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Review

1. Started the year as a bachelor in heart and no longer expect to have a third person betweenme and Him

Hoping can maintain it up for legitimate love

2. Already tasted the sweetness of association by all associations. although busy, but thank God i still can learn a lot

we are not united to not unite. That’s the answer I got. I finally get tired of all. I should slow down for this year

3. Rugby is fun!

do not expect to play, but if I can serve like ‘the golden age then only I will join the team

4. My study graph was inverted for last year.

alhamdulillah the graph keep on increasing
due to the agreement 1LE and hope to be moreknowledgeable than last year

5 very busy the last summer,

will try to spend more time with family

6 meet with friends who love welfare, think this is the third family in which I can channelmy love to the community through them

We all hope that relations will continue to be robust in this way. I love you because of your love to the community, if the welfare loss in your hearts, we are still friends but with different dreams

7 I did respect all these ‘small people’, but experience proves they ARE small

will continue the relationship but limit this year

8. A daunting final exam

well prepared for final this year

9. Not perfect in reading the Al-Quran

want to do something to improve the quality of reading

10. explore knowledge about professional Muslim

hope to find the source of knowledge for my future patient


imblogger said...

ur words are gorgeous bro..

keep writing..

and touching much hearts.

(ehehe btul xgrammar aq tu???)

ariff haikal said...

tk perlu risau grammar, janji apa hang nk ckp sampai.dat is language

Ujaja said...

blajo dr doktor n dokturah dalam lect ea..ok2 lil bro, your messages conveyed [jgn tegoQ grammar n vocab aq noee]

Shasha Ira said...

like it..
ska la bca english gni..
sgt suka mcm main basketball..hoho..
(klu xfhm,sori..)

ariff haikal said...

selalu nya kalau idea dapat kat egypt akan post dlm BI. tp kalau idea yang dapat kat Malaysia. tulis dalam BM. for nw byk dlm BM sebab nie idea2 lama time cuti summer dulu.busy tk sempat boleh post sekarang