Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oprah's Big Give

I love welfare and i really adore Oprah in this particular part of my life. The way she care about people around her was tremendous! The way she help others, we can know that she wasn’t ask for anything in return. The most briliant idea came out from her will be The Oprah's Big Give. This program easily spend 50 to 100 thousand just to help the needy American.

On top of all, why i choose her as my idol because she's non-muslim but she manage to show us the beauty of welfare stated in Al-Quran 14++ years ago. a muslim should do something better than oprah because Allah already said that

Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, janganlah kamu ingat halal membuat sesuka hati mengenai syiar-syiar ugama Allah, dan mengenai bulan-bulan yang dihormati, dan mengenai binatang-binatang yang dihadiahkan (ke Makkah untuk korban), dan mengenai kalong-kalong binatang hadiah itu, dan mengenai orang-orang yang menuju ke Baitullah Al-Haraam, yang bertujuan mencari limpah kurnia dari Tuhan mereka (dengan jalan perniagaan) dan mencari keredaanNya (dengan mengerjakan ibadat Haji di Tanah Suci); dan apabila kamu telah selesai dari ihram maka bolehlah kamu berburu. Dan jangan sekali-kali kebencian kamu kepada suatu kaum kerana mereka pernah menghalangi kamu dari masjid Al-Haraam itu - mendorong kamu menceroboh. Dan hendaklah kamu bertolong-tolongan untuk membuat kebajikan dan bertaqwa, dan janganlah kamu bertolong-tolongan pada melakukan dosa (maksiat) dan pencerobohan. Dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah, kerana sesungguhnya Allah Maha Berat azab seksaNya (bagi sesiapa yang melanggar perintahNya).

(Surah al- Maa’idah : 2)

Maybe some of us will say, “ Wah..he’s kind to everyone, I think he’s one of the solehin.” Charity and takwa are two different things. Everyone eventhongh non-muslim can do welfare but not takwa.

Charity is doing all the good deeds in this world or something that you have done by helping others and you felt happy for it. Then takwa will be worshipping Allah, following His commands, and avoiding polytheism.

I’m personally disappointed with some of the Muslims; I will say directly to Politician, they tend to say all those little tiny things they have done to the community. First of all, why do we need Politician? To help us right? Nowdays you can see a trend, whenever people having problems the first name they will call “Karam Singh Walia”. Why they don’t just say “We can report this to Dato’ bla..bla..bla..”. People can see who can do the work or the one who can only give the reason. Don't help people because you want THE NAME, help them because you have the power, and you want to lend them some.

Hopefully we as a muslim could do something better than Oprah, we have our own goal, that is to meet Him. Let us plant takwa’s tree inside us so then when we meet Him we have something to show to Him and along the way we can spread the love by doing charity works. I really looking forward for a muslim to be as great as her.


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