Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pregnancy School

When we talk about zina in Malaysia, this particular ‘thing’ must be slipped into any conversation.i mean school for underage pregnant mother in Malacca. Some people laugh, some people mad and some of us still don’t even care what happening around them.
I personally agreed and give all my support to this school.i don't force anybody to accept my view, but I'm just asking all you to open your mind and see from this point of view

First of all, the disagree side keep on saying 'to have this school, its like we as the community allowing these young girls to get pregnant and we worried, this will make our young generations think that if they get pregnant, there is still a place for them.thus this will increase sex before marriage.'.

Do you think before these young couple having sex, they will think about getting pregnant?they just trying to solidifice their stupid+lust love or just simply want to have some wild way of having fun.

Second of all, do you think before they commit zina this will cross their mind?'if i ever get married, i will raise up this baby and still can pursues my study there'. No! The only thing that they will think is 'ok, whether i abort this baby or just throw it away after delivered.'

why we still want to blame these young girls that try to do at least something good among their sins.they try to keep the baby and raise them up.how many percent girls that pregnant before marriage dare to face the public and say 'I'm pregnant, i think i want to register to that school'.to do that they must have some guts, first to face their parent then family as a whole lastly their friends.

if i put a picture of a baby smiling to death.people will praise the baby say its cute.can we differentiate whether that tiny little creation is bastard?.No right? So these babies deserve the same future like others.it wasn't their fault after all. Just imagine if we ditch all these unplanned mother, how about their child’s future? Raise up with out a father and a mother that don’t even finish their schooling.what generation will be produce from here?

We have our own reason to agree or disagree.but for me if some one want to change their life to be a better person. There is never too late

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.traCtus.soLitaris. said...

very nice post.
even if i still disagreed sebab fikirkn ape pengajaran untuk others by doing this sekolah harapan but on the side, it remind me that kita tak boleh halang orang buat baik. sama ada untuk yg menubuhkn sekolah ini atau yang registerd. once she registered to this school, so she is willing to change, why dont we give her another chance.