Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Perfect landing to rebounce

now days, people keep on saying teenage will rule the world one day or if they want to know the future of one country, we can predict from their young men. Soekarno, The first President of Republic of Indonesia said 'Give me 10 young men and believe me, i can shake the world'.

but to think back, a solid young men ain't like instant noodle that can completes with in 5 minutes.Imam As-Syahid Hassan Al-Banna said :

"Berikan aku 300 katibah, yang mana rohnya sarat dengan iman dan taqwa, dadanya padat dengan ilmu dan thaqafah, jasadnya terlatih dengan latihan, maka ketika itu jika kamu mengajak aku untuk meneroka angkasa lepas, menembusi bumi tujuh petala, menghancurkan kepala penjajah, aku sanggup".

from this, we can see that to built a good man, they must have balance between SQ(islamic) and IQ.

In Malaysia, we have a system of Islamic religious schools for primary school, then if they want to pursue their interest, these student can continue at secondary school. ask for me what the islamic school have done to me? hahaha.no comment.but cant blame them because i just went there for standard 1 and standard 4 (not standard 1 till standard 4).why?hoho.after standard 1 i moved to puchong. so stop my Islamic schooling. then standard 4, my mum take me out because she saw me playing boat using ice cream stick around the school.

but what actually drag me to write this entry was, what exactly i learned from that school other than go to play football in the evening or figthing with seniors, i didnt get anything else

for me this school should be the most crucial time to build a man, to build the next generation for Malaysia, they should build a strong base to these young children for them to grow as a teenage and become a great young man. at this stage they have to open these young heritages minded on "why they have to learn all this thing", make them to love Islam, tell them why they have to perform salat, and on top of all why are they called Muslim.

with a strong base inside every each of them, insyaAllah when they are lost during hormone transition. they will know the way to come back at 'Home of Present and After Life' which is Islam

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