Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sacrifition of u?

i spend al my morning today listening to ceramah korban by ustz nazrul.its a nu topic for hari raya korban ryte?usually g masjid imam2 tue sho bg ceramah bout kisah Nabi Ibrahim n Nabi Ismail n oso story bout Habil n dis ustz try to explore this korban thng from dift p.o.v n i like it!

lets talk bout general love.hihi!im in love oso be honest la.yeah..there's 1 syeikh wrote a book bout luv.he said dat 1st thng come from love is evrythng around he/she is wonderful..or like wat ustz nazrul said "semua mcm pelangi la idop dia tu!".2nd thng wud come after dat is envies.envy when ur luv 1 dun do thngs dat u luv.then it wud change to hate!hahaha.

hrm..til nw ade yg terase die btol2 in luv x?ask ur self k..

from sirah Nabi Ibrahim n Nabi Ismail..there got 2 types of luv.1 luv from a 100 years dad to his 13 years old son which is Nabi Ibrahim.n a pure luv from a son to his father in dis case i Nabi an easy test for a father to sacrifice his one own child after waitin 4 so many years?n ist an easy thng to leave ur father when he's 100 years old dat need sum attention from u?bt ALLAH knows btr ryte?cn u do such thng like dat?do u?

if u stil thnk u cn luv sum1 not more than u luv Allah n Nabi Muhammad so go on..

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